Background on ETP-NEW

Educational Television Productions of Northeast Wisconsin (ETP-NEW) is part of Cooperative Educational Services Agency #7. Since ETP-NEW was established in 2004 it has partnered with numerous local and national clients like CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC and Wisconsin Public Television to produce projects. To see a list of some of our past and present partners visit this page.

ETP-NEW's goal is to continue to provide outstanding award winning, impactful programs with our partners. ETP-NEW projects have won over 50 local and national awards for broadcasting excellence. ETP-NEW is housed on the University of Wisconsin Green Bay campus and is home to one of the largest television studios in the area. The facility is laid out in a user friendly manner that allows us to have a studio set, a satellite uplink, and distance learning center all accessible at the same time. ETP-NEW productions meet or exceed Public Television technical standards, the most demanding in the broadcast industry.

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